This Blog will document my Journey from an Electric Car Virgin to a seasoned owner

I am new to Electric cars and have just purchased one together with my wife -our first fully electric car.

Why have we chosen an electric car?

Well, we wanted something different and also to save money -and also we are actually INTO saving energy and want to help in saving the planet in our little way for our children and grand children.Well 3 years ago we put Solar (Panels) cells on our roof and saving loads of money on our electricity bill and getting 50pence for every 1kw we produce. So we got thinking.What will our next car be? Should it be a Merc,Jaguar,or any other mainstream brand that has an electric car on offer or just a normal diesel or Petrol car?

After a few weeks of research we came across by coincidence our neighbour’s car.It looked like a big Audi A7 and I had seen this neighbour in an Audi before.But the car he was driving today was not an Audi.It was a TESLA.

So we researched the company website and were very impressed.I immediately looked for booking a test drive and again a demonstration event was coming to a nearby town in 4 weeks time.So we booked ourselves on that and soon were driving one of their latest models.

Well it was just great!!Power delivery constant from 0 to 60 and beyond.No tyre squeal -just constant power delivery like a train or like a tram.Very,very smooth,but you got pressed in your seats at highest acceleration.

Wow this was it.It was clear from this moment that we wanted this car.


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