How do I find a Charge point for my Electric powered car?

Or an Electric Filling station as some people say.

First of all we have to talk about charging points and their power output.As I understand it there are a few different power outputs for charging points and that means different charging times for your car.

  • 3KW charge points and they charge your car at 10 miles per hour
  • 7kw charge points they charge your car at 20 miles per hour
  • 11Kw charge points they charge your car at 40 miles per hour
  • 22kw chargers they charge your car at 80 miles per hour
  • 50kw charge points they charge your car at 150 miles per hour
  • 120Kw TESLA Supercharger points they charge your car at 170 miles per 1/2 hour.

So how do I find these charge points.There are different companies that offer Maps on the Internet and Apps for your phone or the Navigation systems build into your car.

  • ZAP MAP – Mainly an Internet Map on your computer or your Car Satnav
  • CYC – “Charge your Car” an app for Android and IOS made by a Northeast company.They also are an Interface between chargepoint owners and you as the user as their app also gives you live updates on the Status of each charge point.They also maintain a helpdesk to report problems with a charge point.You can also registered with them via the app and pay for your usage of charge points that levy a charge for the electricity used.You also get a smartcard which is compatible with most chargers.
  • ECOTRICITY – Nissan dealers seem to give out this smart card to their customers.Also they are a Electricity and Gas company that provides you with your power needs at home.According to their Website you will receive free access to charge points if you take out a contract with them for your gas and electricity at home.Most chargers are free anyway so not sure where the saving is.Maybe things change in 2016 but I dont know today in August 2015.
  • POD Point – Pod Point are installers of charge points at home and for companies.We received an Email to contact them from Tesla for installation of a home charging point.They also have a small number of charge points throughout the country.

I have installed CYC on my Iphone and it works great.I just checked again and it even shows live status if a charger is in use at the moment,but it it does not show all chargers.

So a bit of a mixed picture.It looks like you need more than one map to check before you give up on finding a charger in your nearest location!


One thought on “How do I find a Charge point for my Electric powered car?

  1. A little update:zap map now has comments from users of chargepoints if and when they had a successful charge at a charge point and if any issues are reported with that charger.


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