Why did we choose a Tesla Model S and not a Nissan Leaf?

Well what I have haven’t really talked about is why did we choose a Tesla Model S of all the electric cars around. In my opinion there is just no choice.None of the current cars are currently offering  what Tesla offers:

  • Tesla has a Europe wide free to use super charger network.From Artic Circle to South of France and Italy.On average every 100 miles a charger that charges your car to full in 1 hour.
  • Free installation of at home charging equipment (outside of UK Government incentives) called the “blue command socket” via Podpoint installer.This gives you 20 miles/hour charge.
  • Only fully electric powered car with over 200 mile range on one charge.
  • 8 year battery warranty and no leasing cost of battery
  • Free roadside assistance/recovery
  • Free loan cars
  • Chademo and home plug adapters available to plug into 3500 UK charger network.Mostly free of charge.
  • Free 3G Internet build into car for life
  • Free software updates to car for life   
  • 4 wheel drive option with electric motor between front wheels and back wheels
  • 7000 Batteries in the floor pan of the car.Car designed as fully electric.low point of gravity.excellent road handling.
  • Range of Models from 328BHP and 250 miles per charge to 750BHP and 350 miles per charge.
  • Insurance cost reasonable for a high value car.Fully comprehensive and Business use at £500 for a 50 year old living in North of England with 5 year no claims bonus.

One drawback of the,Tesla Model S is that you can’t tow a trailer/caravan with it, but in October 2015 Tesla have addressed this problem and have brought out a Tesla Model X which can tow up to 2,268 kg.


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