What Tesla Statistic gathering apps would I recommend ?

Tesla statistics Apps.Which ones do I use on a daily basis?

First of all I have to mention Teslafi. I think I am subscribing to this Website (teslafi.com) for 4 out of 5 year ownership of my Tesla (since December 2015) to it and never regretted it!

I like Teslafi because it never loses data as the data is stored on their own Server. It also sends me emails when a charge or a drive is finished with and I get a summary of the stats.

Driving stats for a long drive
Email from Teslafi after charging

The next app I would like to talk about is Stats or also know as Tesla Stats. Some say at £38.99 it is a tad expensive but there is no subscription involved and you get updates and a watch app for free.However my criticism is that it loses sometimes my charging data and therefore can not wholeheartedly recommend it.

Stats for Tesla screen

Tesla Remote is also expensive at £28.99 and does not offer any Car stats while driving or on charging.It just remotely opens your boot or doors or displays your battery stats of charge on your watch.

TEZLAB app is free but for the really good features you need to subscribe at £2.99/month or £48.99 per year.Tezlab loads data from its servers and displays it on your device, so no possible data loss but restoring takes a little while if you are moving devices every year!

In summary I would say that Teslafi wins for an forever stats app, but Inlike graphs and therefore would go with stats app as my to go to graphs app.Apparently updates are promised in the New Year of 2021 to Tezlab app!


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