Do you have to be posh to drive a Tesla ?

I really wanted to write this reply to the above Facebook post: You don’t buy a Tesla with “posh” – you buy it with dosh!
Work hard and save and then you can afford a Tesla – like we did.
Started with a Citroen C-zero and then decided to go with a Tesla as the savings on similar sized petrol car were big.
Never seen nicer people at the Tesla meet ups than in the last 5 years.
We now drive an IONIQ as well after the Citroen C-Zero was sold with a profit overall and would never see it as an inferior car. Better car in some respects as it navigates much easier round the small roads of the Lakes and Tesco and Lidl car parks.However if I change my Tesla and just go for one car – it would be the coming Model Y or the forthcoming IONIQ range of cars.Not being part of the Tesla charging infrastructure would fill me with slight dread as even Instavolt recently failed on me and put me in a panic after I tried 4 different debit/credit cards and none were accepted.

Only a virtual RFID card in my Apple phone wallet saved me from waiting another 20 minutes in the October rain before the BMW i3 was finished with the AMEX card quite blearily working that tried only 2 minutes earlier on my charge post with a very negative result.

When I put my experience on Facebook Instavolt replied and were shocked and got the details off me and said that they would put it right .

However they never replied or followed it up what the problem was with the charger and if it was a card reader problem.

They also stated that they were inspecting their chargers at least once a week.


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