Updated review of Tesla IOS APPS for your watch and phone Tessie, Nikola ,Stats, Teslafi or TEZLAB

Which tool do use as a daily program to record my Tesla charging and driving data?

As with so many things this question is not so easy to answer as all have their strength and weaknesses.

No 1 Teslafi : I would always subscribe to Teslafi from day 1. The wealth of information is just amazing.From daily driving to minute by minute logging of your data.It does everything, but strangely enough Graphs for charging are not it a strength!Also Teslafi never losses any data and even keeps your data of your previous car.I have tried it and still keep the data that have accumulated from Model S that I sold in January 2022.Detaiked instructions on how to do this is on Teslafi help files.Teslafi cost $50 per year.

No2 Tessie:Useful for day to day driving but Teslafi more useful.There are other apps that are more useful in my opinion.Tessie comes with an Apple Watch extension that I use and it is fairly accurate in giving you the percentage of charge on your watch displayed as a complication. I use that every day. Tessie cost £4.99/month.

No3: TEZLAB: TEZLAB has evolved from an annoying app to being very useful with good graphs and useful information.It has some social media like functionality where it lets you compare your data with others and gives you badges if you have reviews a supercharger site etc.If you are a frequent user if a supercharger site you become the “mayor” of that site. Not sure how useful that is. TEZLAB costs £2.99/month.


No 4 Stats: can not recommend as it looses charging data and developer not fixing the issue and blaming users for not using the app properly .

No 5 Nikola: Good solid app but somehow lost data for 4 weeks while it was not connected to car but did not warn me.I like the graphs and data can not be imported – however data can be exported from it. If you want use Teslafi AND Nikola I would probably recommend that combination.Nokola cost £38.99/year.

Nikola App

There is another good app for the Apple Watch and that is remote.However it has a high price tag and therefore only recommended if you are a money bag and don’t care if you spend the money.Very good interface on the Apple Watch.


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