Who and what is ONTO ?

This is a review of ONTO electric car subscription service that provides electric cars with an all inclusive car hire model that basically rents you a car on a monthly basis including insurance,maintenance,tyres,breakdown service included and charging costs. You have to be over 25 and less no more than 6 penalty points and only 1 fault claim on your insurance in three years. You can take the car abroad for additional upgrade prices for up to 14 days. www. on.to

In Summer of 2021 our lease to our Hyandai IONIQ came to an end but my wife still needed a car to commute to work. So we looked around and found a company called onto.At the time we went for a Zoe GT LINE 130 and it was their cheapest car at £399/month including charging and insurance.However delivery and collection is charged extra,but 1000 miles for the month included.Also you can buy mileage packages extra to add.

The car delivered to us was brand new and I had to take some plastic stickers off the seats and other areas and had just delivery mileage on it.At the time it was a very good service and never had a problem with the car or charging via the supplied charge network RFID cards from Instavolt,Shell (now includes IONITY ),BP PULSE.

ZOE from ONTO in Lake District

In January of 2022 I sold my trusty Tesla Model S and went to ONTO again to hire a car until our Model Y would arrive.This time it costs us over £600 but still 1000 miles and charging included.However the ID3 from VW had still the old software on it and would not work with the ONTO app.It would not show used mileage at all even though that was resolved in the last days of our hiring period.However I had a dispute over mileage with ONTO and that was only three months later resolved.

VW ID3 Life Pro Performance

I just looked on my receipts and onto charged us: Hire fee:£579.92 including £20 damage waiver from £1000 to £350. Delivery fee:99.50. Collection fee:99.50. Additional driver fee:9.99.

We had the car for two months until our Model Y arrived on the 3rd March 2022.Overall experience is very good, but the dispute over mileage and shaky ONTO app and terrible VW ID3 software marred the experience.However I used almost all the time the wireless APPLE CAR PLAY functionality in the car.

What do I think about the VW ID3? Well I think it is a good car but it needs the software version 3.0 AND don’t go for the “Life” spec.It is apparently bare bones and I would go for a higher spec. As this car had no reversing camera and I missed that very much.Range was very good and around 150 miles, slightly less than the Renault Zoe.


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