Our new Arrival :Voyager 2 or Tesla Model Y

The day could not come soon enough.After some anxious uploading of the cash purchase price to the Tesla account from our account and acceptance of each chunk on the Tesla app and account and receipted with an invoice the day had finally come to collect our Model Y!

Tesla Newcastle 3rd March 2022

So I am writing this at the end of July 2022 and we have done 4734 miles to date. We have done trips to Farnborough, Bicester, Cragside Hall and many smaller trips within the DL5 area of County Durham including many trips to the local Tip Household Waste Recycling facility as they are known today.

Here I want to spend a few minutes on the updates/upgrades/modifications I have made to the car since delivery.

1.PPF wrapping of front of car and Ceramic coating: The car has had a chrome delete from factory, but strangely enough the badges were still in silver.So at the point of having the PPF and ceramic coating done I had the badges taken off and bought black replacements.OCD detailing in Teesside did a great job and it cost £1250. I am very happy with the work they have done and also the aftercare as they already had to replace some of the wrap which came off.However this was detected after the 4 weekly inspection and quickly rectified.Also the Ceramic coating really gives the colour a boost.

2.New Wheel trims: When we went to the Supercharge event at Bicester organised by the Tesla Owners Group I saw a new supplier with some different wheel caps to the silver ones that were supplied by Tesla. The supplier is called Teslun.co.uk and I am very happy with the quality of the wheeltrims. I think they do a very good selection from Matt to glossy.

Essential for Grandparents duty:Seat protectors

Above you can see other accessories I installed myself.The under seat storage containers for the front seat are very good and soft-however Amazon also sells some hard soft flocked ones.That means they are sprayed with some soft thin foam inside.The middle console inserts are also very good.Watch out that you get one with the hole so that your 12V adapter fits through as there is one in the rear front centre console.The grills are for the under the rear seats as stuff can fall in there and it needs a whole battery de-installation to get coins out that might rattle down that fall down the vents in through the hole.

The collection above completes the list of accessories.The Storage devices is to upgrade the recording facility of the onboard cameras that are part of the constant DashCam recording and the sentry recording while the car is parked. I must give the All weather floor protector mats a special mention.For coming all the way from China they were hardly rolled up and fitted extremely well from day one into the car. Also a great thank you to Björn Nyland and his videos who have helped me in installing the cable for the Bluetooth data recorder at the rear of the centre console.

Very handy in the Model Y is the double wireless charger underneath the centre screen in the centre console area.

Model Y driving and efficiency data : Well it makes a huge difference if you are driving a 200 mile capacity (Tesla Model S) car or a 300 mile capacity car like the Tesla Model Y . We at least found that.Wee wee Stopps are definitely more urgent than charging stops. And the car charges so fast as well ! 150 – 170kw, so your car is ready before you are to drive on!These days I can hardly go more than 150 miles without a stop anyway. Bladder range and legs need a break.

Above you can see some images from Teslafi data that shows the efficiency of the Model Y on various trips and different temperatures in U.K.

Here is an example of Audi built quality versus Tesla built quality.Where are the panel gaps associated with Tesla on my Model Y – however the Audi RS3 for over £ 50,000 and it does not look that tight on panel gaps?


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