Review of KIA EV 6

Kia EV6 next to my Tesla Model S

I was given the opportunity by our local KIA dealer in Darlington to have a drive in the KIA EV6 DEMONSTRATOR in October 2021. Here is an impression of the interior.Impression: a lot of piano glossy Black used inside and it is already scratched a little.Seats are very good general impression is that it is of good quality.Too many button’s and too fussy layout.Definitely prefer the Tesla Model Y interior.However it has a very good sunroof and it opens as well.Cubby holes and particularly the Glovebox is very big and swallows actually an IPad Pro 12.9.The boot is quite shallow and it is not as roomy as the Tesl Model Y.Generally the EV6 is from the interior smaller than the Model Y and I banged my head a lot on the door frames as they are quite shallow on the rear doors but it makes the car look more like a saloon than an SUV.I am also not I pressed with the switch gear.It is a bit laggy and requires sometimes to press buttons twice.Here is the example for an overload of buttons: Why do you need a power on button on an EV? I have no idea.Some like VW have given that button up now!

The main problem of the KIA EV6 is however the Satnav. It did not feel any different to my classic IONIQ 28kw from 2017.Example: our local petrol station had an expansion of a) an extra 4 Instavolt chargers and b) for some reason they also installed 20 yards away another petrol station.The KIA’s Satnav did not recognise the new Instavolt chargers but it reported on the map the extra petrol station.Why on earth would you have a petrol station on an EV Satnav?

How much does the KIA EV 6 cost.Prices are so near to the Tesla Model Y and that is also concerning. You can specify a Kia with only rear wheel Drive and low battery range for about £40,000 but it soon goes up with higher battery range and four wheel drive to prices Somali to a Tesla Model Y and I would have the Tesla all the way.

The following photos give you an impression the KIA EV6 from the outside.


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