Goodbye Model S – What will come next? (End of January 2022)

Well it is time to think about selling our 2015 Model S with 68,000 miles on the clock as we have a VIN number for our new arrival.(see other post about that). It is the end of January 2022 and I have just answered a post by a fellow Tesla Owners club member and he would like to buy a Model S.Well I send him the details of ours and he wants to buy it. This was Saturday. On Monday we arranged for him to have a look at it.on Monday he came and he is so impressed with the car that he bought it outright there and then. After sitting for ½ hour in the local Barclays Bank the deal is don and I have my money and he drives it home with about every accessory I bought over the last 6 years including a full set of winter wheels. We decided not to swap over the app yet,but I authorised the buyer to be another driver on my account in order not to jeopardise. A few days later when his new V5C came through we did the swap on the app and I followed the steps on the app and it worked very smoothly and the free supercharging went over without a hitch. BREAKING NEWS: After driving 2000 miles and about a month new owner of car reports that main battery has died. Without a hitch Tesla acknowledges problem and without an hour new owner is furnished with a Tesla loaner : a Model X. Within one week the battery is replaced and car back in the road with new owner. I have not heard from new owner for 4 months now.

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